We hope the Frequently Asked Questions below will help with most queries. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

General FAQs

Are your courses taught in English or French?

Currently, all courses are currently being taught in English. You need to be fluent spoken and written in English to be able to join one of our courses.

What are the computer requirements?

You can read our detailed computer requirements here.


How can I apply for a course?

In order to apply for any of our upcoming courses, you will need to submit an application form online here.

What do you look for in applicants?

We look for one key component - motivation. With the right motivation, anyone can be successful. Take some time to properly fill out our application form. Don't be afraid to show your personality and double check for typos. ?

What is the application process like?

Please check out this page for a full breakdown of the application process.

When will I know if I have been accepted?

Typically, within a few working days after your interview.

Who Can Join

Are these programs beginner friendly?

We certainly encourage everyone with an interest in any of our courses to apply. However, it is preferable to have taken some entry level courses or attempted to self-teach yourself the basics before-hand.

I'm under 18 years old. Can I apply?

You need to be 18 to enrol for the course. However, you can apply if you are 17 as long as you turn 18 before the start of the course.

Do you accept international students?

Yes, you can come to Concordia Bootcamps as an international student. You will need to ensure you have the proper documents to stay in Canada for the duration of your course. For more information about visas please see the Government of Canada's website.


Which course should I take?

If you're unsure which course to take, we highly suggest getting in touch with us to discuss your options.

How many students in a class?

We typically limit our class size to around 30 students.

What is the student to teacher ratio?

We have a 10:1 student/teacher ratio on most days.

What is the remote experience like?

The remote learning experience offers a very flexible and interactive way to learn without being physically present on campus. All of our remote programs are taught in real-time, with live lectures and 1-1 help from technical coaches.

You must have a good internet connection, webcam, and microphone to take part in online courses.

How do career services work?

After the program is complete, you have 6-months to take unlimited advantage of a career coach. They will help you with everything from writing your resume to signing your first job offer.

Where can I see project examples from the Web Development programs?

Check out these project examples from past students:


Will I receive a diploma after finishing a course?

We sure do. Upon completion of any one of our courses, you will be issued a diploma from Concordia Continuing Education. Note that since this is a non-credit course, this will not appear on an official university transcript.

What are the requirements to obtain the diploma?

You must successfully complete each course module as outlined by your instructor on the first day of class.

What is the attendance policy?

You may not miss more than 4 classes, 16 hours of instruction in order to be eligible for your diploma.


What are the payment options?

For all payment options, financing, tax benefits, etc. please see this page.

What is the cancellation policy?

Notice (in writing to cce@concordia.ca) received three weeks or more prior to the start of the program will result in the participant receiving a full refund, less the non-refundable tuition deposit of $2,199.

Notice (in writing to cce@concordia.ca) received less than 20 days after the start of the program will result in the participant being penalized 60% of the program fees.

Notice (in writing to cce@concordia.ca) received 20 days or more since the program has commenced will result in the participant being penalized all program payments due to the University as of the date of cancellation.

What is the cost for international students?

The cost for international students is the same as the price listed on the course page. There is no additional cost for being an international student.

Are these courses eligible for provincial or federal student loans?

Unfortunately not. Please see this page for all payment options.