Find Talent

We select highly-motivated people and teach them how to code. Our alumni come from diverse backgrounds but share one common trait - Passion!

About our grads

All of our students go through an application process before being admitted into one of our bootcamps. The most important thing we look for in applicants is motivation. We believe with the right mindset and work-ethic, any student can be successful.

This is why not only are all of our alumni comfortable with full-stack JavaScript and programming fundamentals, they make exceptional team members 🤩.

Key Skills

  • Front-end JavaScript with React & Redux
  • Back-end JavaScript with Node & Express
  • Databases with MongoDB
  • HTML & CSS

You'll be in good company!

We work with companies from startups to multi-nationals. Whatever your needs are, don't hesitate to let us know. There is no cost or fees to hire one of our grads!