Covid-19 Updates

March 24, 2020

Due to the current situation around Covid-19, all Concordia Bootcamps courses have been moved online until further notice. We have no intention of canceling any upcoming classes, and are fully prepared to deliver an awesome online learning experience to all of our future students.

Our approach to online learning

At Concordia bootcamps, our online courses are highly interactive. Lectures are live streamed via a software called zoom. You’ll get to see your classmates and instructor in real time. You can “virtually” raise your hand with the click of a button to ask questions, ask your instructor to slow down, repeat, or whatever it may be that you need help with.

Our instructors will also engage the class, often have breaks for Q&A, or polling the class as a whole to gauge your understanding of key concepts. We take attendance, but also record lectures for you to re-watch as needed.

Secondly, our technical coaches are available for 1-1 help via video or chat during workshops, group work, and assignments. They will spend the time needed with you to re-explain concepts or help with debugging. We have an excellent queue system that allows you to virtually line-up for a technical coach, and wait times are often just a few minutes.

We will also encourage study groups with your classmates, or fun little events like Netflix watch parties or Twitch for all you gamers 🎮.

As soon as we are permitted back in the classroom, we will make another announcement. Please contact Kevin at kevin@concordiabootcamps.ca with any questions you may have.