Web Development Diploma (Part-Time)

In 6 or 12 months, part-time, learn all the skills of a Full Stack Web Developer and code your own web applications to upskill in your current job or change your career.

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Make a Career Choice With a Growing Demand

Gain critical web development literacy to stand out in tech-driven fields like design, marketing, product development, and more. Discover how to build interactive, responsive websites and assemble a coding toolkit you can apply immediately on the job.

Build a Professional Network

Form real connections that can change the course of your career. Meet industry experts, mentors and peers who can help you succeed through our alumni network. Graduate with a diploma from one of the largest and top universities in Canada, and join an exclusive community.

Get 1-on-1 Career Support

Our careers services team is here to help all our students and alumni. We offer a comprehensive range of accessible services to support and empower you in making informed decisions about your career, further education and employment next steps.

Choose a Format Designed for Your Busy Life

Join this 30-week, web development bootcamp online from the comfort of your own home. This is a great option if you’re working in a position that you want to continue while studying, or are a parent or caregiver with substantial childcare duties.

Where Our Grads Work

  • Caroline Song

    Software Developer
  • Maxime Martin

    Product Manager
  • Wesley Yendrys

    Senior Creative Technologist
  • Johny Duval

    Product Manager AI/ML


  1. Programming Fundamentals

    Learn how to create, style and manipulate websites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We start with the basics of HTML and CSS, then cover JavaScript, where we learn to program and use the language for a variety of tasks. We will also introduce Git and GitHub, which we will use continuously throughout the course.

  2. Server-side Programming With NodeJS

    Continue to learn and use JavaScript in the context of backend programming with NodeJS. Students will learn to create and deploy a web server using RESTful API principles by leveraging NodeJS with Express. Basic networking concepts like HTTP will be learned along the way. Students will also learn how to use various external APIs to retrieve data. We will implement many different backend solutions with NodeJs and EJS.

  3. Advanced Frontend: React

    We begin with DOM manipulation to then move on to React. We put these skills to work with a number of individual web projects. These projects will introduce new concepts of the React framework like React Hooks. You will combine your knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies to learn how to create full-stack applications.

  4. Team Project

    Part of being a great software developer is being able to work with others. Different people have different ways of thinking, which is expressed through their code. You need to get acquainted with the way other people write code, be able to follow their logic, and merge your code together. In this module, we will be working on building a team project and using Git/GitHub to manage our code.

  5. Data Persistence

    Learn to extend backend projects to leverage data persistence with databases. We will learn to perform CRUD operations on MongoDB and Firebase databases. Students now have all of the pieces to create a full-stack web application.

  6. Solo Project

    The time has come for you to put your skills into practice. It's one thing to follow along with guided workshops or work in teams with others, but writing your own software from start to finish will be the true test. In the final weeks of the program, you will build a working prototype of your choice. You will be responsible for coming up with an idea, and bringing it to fruition using all that you have learned in the course.

The Remote Experience

  • Remote Lectures

    Tune into the virtual classroom powered by Zoom and Slack. Interact with your cohort and ask questions through the chat function.

  • Hands-On Support

    Our dedicated student support team is available for real-time help when you need it most. Get 1-1 support from our Technical Coaches as needed.

  • Group Work

    Collaborate and share ideas with your group through online co-working spaces, with regular assistance from our team of expert mentors.

Dates & Tuition

  • October 2023 (6 Mths)

    Oct 10, 2023 - May 30, 2023

    Tu, Thu 6:30pm-10pm & Sun 10am-5pm

  • Nights & Weekends
  • Live online classes
  • 420 course hours
  • Diploma



Admissions Process

  • Apply Online

    Once you fill out our short 5-minute online application, one of our admission counsellors will contact you.

  • Speak With Your Admissions Counsellor

    Next, you'll talk 1-on-1 with an Admissions Counsellor who will help determine if Concordia Bootcamps is a good fit for you.

  • Choose Your Payment Option

    Once you've been accepted, your Admissions Counsellor will explain all of our available financing options and help you choose the best one for you.

  • Start Your Course

    When we've taken care of your financing and enrolment details, you'll be ready to start your course. Get ready for an incredible and rewarding journey.

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