Full-Stack Nights & Weekends

A rigorous, part-time, nights & weekends program built to get you a job as a Web Developer in 30 weeks.

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Nights & Weekends

Intensive but flexible. Commit only 14 hours a week in class & 10 hours a week of homework outside of class for 7-months.

Built by Professionals

Built by engineers from companies like Google, Shopify, and Shutterstock, our program is built by true experts and thought leaders in their fields.

Skills for Life

This isn't just another average degree, this is preparation for life. You will leave this program with a deep understanding of programming fundamentals, which will prove invaluable as you progress in your career.

Career Support

You'll get access to 6-months of career support from the day you finish the program. Learn to market yourself, master technical interviews, and get our inside scoop on how to land your first tech job.

Our Grads Get Hired

  • Florent Lefebvre

    Florent Lefebvre

    Software Developer
  • Elisa Matteo

    Elisa Matteo

    Software Developer
  • Alex Folk

    Alex Folk

    Software Engineer
  • Caroline Song

    Caroline Song

    Software Developer


  1. Programming Fundamentals

    In this section you will learn how information is stored and manipulated by computer programs. This is the foundation for all other parts of the course. Topics include higher order functions, object oriented programming and the call-stack.

  2. Databases and Server Side Programming With NodeJS

    During this phase, students will learn to create and deploy a web server with persistent information by leveraging NodeJS with Express, and MongoDB. Basic networking concepts like HTTP will be learned along the way. Students will be able to put their projects on a remote server so that it is accessible online.

  3. Advanced Frontend: React & Redux

    We begin with DOM manipulation to then move on to React. We put these skills to work with a number of individual web projects. These projects will introduce new concepts of the React framework, and culminate in learning Redux. You will combine your knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies to learn how to create full-stack applications.

  4. Full-Stack Project (Team)

    Part of being a great software developer is being able to work with others. Different people have different ways of thinking, which is expressed through their code. You need to get acquainted with the way other people write code, be able to follow their logic, and merge your code together. In this module, we will be working on building a team project and using Git/GitHub to manage our code.

  5. Full-Stack Project (Solo)

    The time has come for you to put your skills into practice. It's one thing to follow along with guided workshops or work in teams with others, but writing your own software from start to finish will be the true test. In the final weeks of the program, you will build a working prototype of your choice. You will be responsible for coming up with an idea, and bringing it to fruition using all that you have learned in the course.

Typical Week

  • Weeknights

    👨‍🏫 Lectures & Problem Sets

    Weeknights will be reserved mainly for lectures and working through problem sets. The aim is to master the theory in preparation for longer weekend coding sessions.

  • Saturdays

    💻 Assignments & Projects

    On Saturdays, we will work through larger projects, often dedicating the entire day to writing code alongside our technical coaches.

  • Off Days
    10 - 15 hours

    🙇‍♀️ Practice & Homework

    On days when there is no class, you will spend the time completing assignment, readings, and homework.

Dates & Tuition

  • Fall 2020

    Sept 01 - April 08

    Tues & Thurs 6pm-9:30pm | Sat 9am-4pm

  • Nights & Weekends
  • 30 weeks
  • Diploma



Admissions Process

  • Online application

    Complete a 10-15 minute application online letting us know what you hope to achieve with this program.

  • Project

    Learn some HTML, CSS, and JS basics and complete a mini project. You'll have 4-weeks to do this!

  • Interview

    Talk with our team about your code, any challenges you encountered, or about your background and motivation for applying.

  • Start Class

    Get ready for an incredible journey. Our bootcamp may be hard work, but it's also extremely rewarding.

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