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The journey is not over once you graduate. Our coaches will help you network, sell yourself, prep for interviews, and a whole lot more - all while keeping you smiling 😁

We're here for you!

  • Graduation

    Intensive learning is over! You now have all the skills needed to find work you love. You created a few projects for your portfolio and now it’s time to use what you’ve done in the bootcamp for your job hunt.

  • Learn how to be a successful job seeker

    Get all the information needed to start your job search successfully: join our workshops, familiarize yourself with provided materials, use our tools and expertise to strategize, all while avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls.

  • Improve your interview skills

    Practice, practice, practice. There’s no better way to ace an interview than to become super comfortable doing them. Sharpen your skills with our coaches with culture-fit and technical mock interviews before you meet recruiters.

  • Meet employers face to face

    You don’t have to do all the heavy lifting. Our team is working hard to find exceptional employers and put them in direct contact with you. Through referrals and events, we make sure you get various opportunities to show them what you got.

  • Get help from our career coaches

    You’ll be assigned with your own career coach which will work hand in hand with you during your job search. From moral support to reviewing cover letters and setting goals, they will guide you and give you the push needed to land that first job.

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Where will you work?

Our graduates go on to work at amazing places. From start-ups to public companies, from Canada to Australia, technology has no borders.


Explore both our full-time and part-time programs. Two great options to kickstart your coding journey.

  • Next cohort begins September 21 2020

    Full-Stack Immersive

    With our flagship 12 week program, you will master the fundamentals of programming, learn to build highly complex web applications, and prepare yourself for the future of work.

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    • Immersive
    • Mon-Fri | 10am-5pm
    • 12 weeks
    • Diploma
  • Next cohort begins September 1 2020

    Full-Stack Nights & Weekends

    A rigorous, part-time, nights & weekends program built to get you a job as a Web Developer in 30 weeks.

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    • Nights & Weekends
    • 30 weeks
    • Diploma