Application Process

Whether applying for our Data Science or Web Development programs, our application process is very similar.

There are 2 steps in the application process;

1. Submit an application using our online form
2. Complete an interview

1. Submitting an application form online

You can submit your application form online by filling out this form. It’s better to include more details, than not enough. Tell us why you want to take this course and what your goals are. Remember, motivation is the most important factor for us. Don’t forget to triple check for grammar and spelling mistakes. ?

2. Interview

After we review your application, we’ll reach out to schedule an interview with you. We will use this as an opportunity to get to know you better, learn about your goals, and make sure your expectations align with what our course can offer you.

Selection Process

You will receive an official response regarding your admission from our team within a few days following your interview. If you have any questions about our admissions process, please do not hesitate to contact hello@concordiabootcamps.ca.