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Over 90% of students are hired within 6-months of graduating. At Concordia Bootcamps, we're bridging the gap between education and employability. Apply today to earn your diploma at one of Canada's largest universities.


Learn the latest tech skills and supercharge your career

  • Next cohort begins September 22 2021

    Data Science Diploma

    Master the skills necessary to become a successful Data Scientist - from fundamentals of math & stats to machine learning, data engineering, and so much more. Graduate career ready with a Diploma in Data Science from a top Canadian university.

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    • Full-Time
    • Live online classes
    • 420 course hours
    • Diploma
  • Next cohort begins July 14 2021

    Web Development Diploma

    With our flagship 12-week online coding bootcamp, you will master the fundamentals of programming, learn to build highly complex web applications, and prepare yourself for a high-growth career as a Web Developer.

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    • Full-Time
    • Live online classes
    • 420 course hours
    • Diploma

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Two institutions, one world-class program

Concordia Continuing Education and Decode have joined forces to launch Concordia Bootcamps. Since 2014, Decode has been running top rated bootcamps in Montreal. Today, Decode's bootcamps are now offered at one of Canada's largest universities.

Isabel Dunnigan
Isabel Dunnigan, Associate VP Lifelong Learning

Where will you work?

Concordia Bootcamps graduates land careers they love at some of Canada’s most innovative companies.